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WakiliShare rules


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The following rules form part of our terms of use for Wakilishare. By using Wakilishare, users agree with these rules and undertake to observe them.

  • Children/Minors

For the protection and welfare of minors, WakiliShare is not open to persons under the age of 18 years.

  • Disclaimer

WakiliShare is an open forum for public discussions. Every discussion thread on WakiliShare should be taken as the personal opinion of the author and not as the opinion of the National Council for Law Reporting or any of its partners, agents or affiliates. Such opinions should not be taken to be necessarily true, factual, authoritative, legally binding or constituting proper legal or professional advise. The National Council for Law Reporting and its partners, agents and affiliates is NOT responsible for the content or accuracy of any of the information contained in forum postings or any loss that may be suffered by relying on an opinion or suggestion posted on WakiliShare. Users are advised to carefully consider any advice they give or receive on WakiliShare and to consult a lawyer or other professional for any professional advise.

  • Pick the right forum

There are four different discussion forums on Wakilishare: Jumuika – a public discussion forum; Wakilisha – lawyers’ discussions; Bambika – for discussions on careers in law; and Saidia – for comments and inquiries on the National Council for Law Reporting’s products and services. Each forum is tailored for a unique theme of discussions. Users are asked to familiarize themselves with the four discussion forums and to post their comments in the appropriate forum. If a user posts a message on the wrong forum, the Forum Moderator may move it to the appropriate forum or delete it altogether.

  • Stick to the subject

WakiliShare is a forum for discussion and debate about Kenya’s legal system. All postings should be appropriate, decent and relevant.  Postings that deviate from the subject, or stray significantly from the original question may be locked or hidden by the Forum Moderator.

  • Be fair and accurate

Postings must be accurate (where they state facts), and where they represent opinions, such opinions must be genuinely held and fairly expressed.

  • Be Decent

Users are required to be respectful towards other forum users, the Moderator and the staff of the Council. A user must not antagonize other users or post any information that could be considered defamatory, obscene, abusive, offensive, inflammatory, unlawful or creates a risk to another person’s safety, wellbeing or health. A user must not engage in bullying, stalking, aggressive, discriminatory or nuisance behaviour or any other behaviour that is contrary to decency or violates the law.

  • Appropriate use

The use of WakiliShare for any of the following or related purposes is strictly prohibited:

  • posting spam, surveys, contests or chain letters
  • organizing,  carrying out or co-ordinating any actions that are contrary to the Laws of Kenya
  • inciting hatred or disaffection against an individual, a group or an institution
  • personalized person-to-person messages having little or no relevance to other users (WakiliShare is not for personalized social networking)

Persons who post any content that violates these rules will be blacklisted and their accounts will be suspended or terminated.

  • Don’t get personal

Users may not use Wakilshare to post personalised attacks against individuals, groups or institutions. Any criticisms should be positive and expressed in a fair, decent and balanced manner.

  • Creative ideas and suggestions

Users understand that any ideas or suggestions included in the postings made on Wakilishare (including private messages) are made on a public domain and the National Council for Law Reporting and indeed any other person may take the idea and use it, whether for commercial purposes or not, without necessarily referring to the user and without owing any such user any legal right or obligation. Users who have ideas or suggestions which they intend to protect as their intellectual property are advised not to share them on Wakilishare.

  • Respect copyright

WakiliShare shouldn’t be used to post, exchange or download material protected by copyright law, unless the user has the permission of the copyright owner. A user must fully reference any extracts from copyrighted material. A user who breaches copyright laws or any other laws while on the forum agrees to indemnify the National Council for Law Reporting for any loss that it may suffer as a result. The Moderator reserves the right to edit, block or remove any posting which in the Council’s opinion violates this rule.

  • Sub-Judice

In order not to subvert or appear to subvert the course of justice, the discussion of actual pending legal proceedings or the posting of any information that would amount to a violation of the sub judice rule  is prohibited on Wakilishare.

  • Avatars

Forum users are able to upload their own avatars (images used symbols of identity). The creation and use of avatars is subject to the same conditions as forum postings. Avatars may not:

  • contain any material that is obscene, indecent, defamatory, abusive, unlawful, in breach of copyright, or otherwise inappropriate  as stated in these rules
  • be animated
  • contain text
  • contain logos
  • be used for advertising or promotion.

Avatars which are unsuitable, as determined by the Moderator will be removed without notice. An Avatar will be removed without notice if it resembles, or is believed to be impersonating the Moderator or the staff of the National Council for Law Reporting.

  • User’s Forum Profile page

Every forum user will have a profile page, which will be viewable to other logged in users and searchable within the forums. A user’s profile page will show:

  • the user’s forum screen name
  • the forums that the user belongs to
  • when the user last visited the forum
  • the number of postings made by the user
  • such other similar or related information
  • Search engines

Wakiishare is accessible to everyone and is crawled and indexed by search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, e.t.c. on a daily basis. This means that anything a user posts on Wakilishare could be indexed by a search engine and returned in search engine results outside of the National Council for Law Reporting’s website. The Council accepts no responsibility if a posting is returned in search engine results and by using WakiliShare users understand that the Council would not have the obligation or the power to remove any posting or any part of it from the results displayed by a search engine.

  • Email addresses

A user’s email address is not visible to other forum users. To contact another user outside of the forums, one should use the private messaging service. Users who disclose their email address in a forum posting or private message do so at their own risk and the National Council for Law Reporting will bear no responsibility for any loss or damage that might result therefrom. The National Council for Law Reporting and the Forum Moderator can view your email address. The Council will treat your email address in accordance with its privacy policy and disclaimer published elsewhere on its website.

  • IP addresses

32. The Internet Protocol (IP) address of a user’s computer may be disclosed to the National Council for Law Reporting when a user posts a message on WakiliShare. The IP address is the address used to connect the computer to the Internet. This information is for use by the Council only and is only used to prevent the abuse of the discussion forums. The Council will treat user’s IP address in accordance with its privacy policy and disclaimer published on its website.

  • Report abuse, raise a concern

To report abuse of Wakilishare or to raise any issues or concerns you have about a topic or posting, users may use a feature on WakiliShare designed for that purpose; or send an email to info@kenyalaw.org or editor@kenyalaw.org; or contact the National Council for Law Reporting more directly by email or telephone.

  • The Moderator is king

Users are required to respect these rules and the decisions of the Forum Moderator, who may edit your postings for clarity, brevity and for the purposes of bringing them in conformity with these rules.

  • Have fun

Finally, take pleasure in indulging your imagination and your need to share with others on Wakilishare.

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