Law Via The Internet Conference: LVI 2014 – Africa

29th September to 1st October 2014

Conference Theme: The Impact of open access to legal information: bridging the gap between accessibility and usefulness.

29th September to 1st October 2014

Change in Conference Venue: The Conference will now be held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Every year, the Free Access to Law Movement holds the Law Via the Internet (LVI) conference that brings together individuals and institutions from all corners of the earth who are united in their belief that public legal information is the common heritage of humankind and that such information should be made available free of charge and free from any restrictions on its use and re-use.

Cape Town is famous for its breathtaking sceneries, beautiful vineyards, pristine beaches, the Cape of Good Hope and many other attractions. It is nestled within and around the majestic Table Mountain ranges and was named the World Design Capital for 2014 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.

Cape Town is also famous for its world-class Afropolitan university - the University of Cape Town, where this year's LVI will be held. Kenya Law, the African Legal Information Institute (AfricanLII), and the Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII) are teaming together to host what promises to be an exciting conference in this beautiful setting.

Register as a Conference Participant HERE. (Early bird rate applies until 31st July 2014)

Call for Abstracts: LVI 2014 – Africa

Theme: The Impact of open access to legal information: Bridging the gap between accessibility and usefulness.

Topics: Submission of papers is invited on topics including but not limited to the following:

  1. Building economically sustainable Legal Information Institutes
  2. Electoral management, politics and policy making through technology and web based applications
  3. Open data platforms
  4. Open access to legal information: impacts and effects
  5. The promise and reality of e-participation
  6. Success stories and case studies in open access to legal information
  7. Mobile access & Africa - Frog Leaping through the desktop age
  8. Making legal information accessible and useful
  9. Making accessibility and usefulness a reality for citizens
  10. Semantic Web
  11. Engaging or disseminating legal information? The power of blogs / forums.
  12. Universally Accessible Laws: A dream or reality?
  13. Multi-lingual databases
  14. Plain Language Movement: Enhancing access to law without altering / replacing the intended meaning.
  15. Legal Informatics: Analysing available legal data and interpreting the results
  16. Open access to law in developing countries, challenges and opportunities
  17. Emerging trends of access to legal information
  18. Enhancing Access to legal information using Creative Commons
  19. Social media and its implication to free access to legal information
  20. Role of the Legal Information Institutes (LII’s) in economic development
  21. Transforming legal process through technology: the reality, the possibility, the promise

Abstracts on other aspects of law via the Internet are also welcome. Abstracts purely on 'cyber law' or 'internet law' will not be accepted unless they relate directly to free access to law on the Internet. Abstracts should raise issues of theoretical or practical interest to others who are developing or using internet-based law resources.

Submission deadlines

31st July 2014
  • Submission of abstract

7th August 2014
  • Notifications of acceptance of abstract

31st August 2014
  • Submission of Finalised / revised papers

General Information

The submissions should indicate clearly:

  • The author’s full names and contacts
  • The authors title (e.g. Dr. /Prof. /Mr. /Mrs. /Ms.) etc.
  • The name of author’s organisation (if any) and the author’s role/job title in the organization;
  • The organisation's physical address;
  • The author’s email and telephone contact.

All abstracts should be submitted in English language.
Once the abstracts have been reviewed and accepted, authors will be notified and will be required to submit the papers by the indicated deadline.
Preference of paper presentation will be given to members of the Free Access to Law Movement.
All the papers submitted will be published by Kenya Law under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlikelicence

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