I will first discharge a burden of apology and gratitude that I owe to the authors of the various papers contained in this edition for the delay in having it published. We have re-engineered our editorial approach, which we will keep constantly under review, to ensure that the journal is published timeously while preserving its breadth of scope and quality of content.
This edition marks the second installment of Kenya's first official law journal, the inaugural edition having been published in 2007.  As my predecessor, Mrs. G.B. Shollei stated in the foreword to the inaugural edition, the Kenya Law Review Journal is a platform for the scholarly analysis of Kenyan law and interdisciplinary research on the law. In this edition, we have the opportunity to look at certain aspects of Kenya's legal and justice system through the eyes of three international writers; Mr. Barry Walsh on case studies in the development of the justice sector in sub-saharan Africa, Professor Brett Shadle's very empirical analysis of judicial approaches in analyzing the evidence and sentencing in sexual offence cases and Judge Gerald Lebovits on judgment writing. They are complemented, of course, by distinguished authors from our ever-expanding stable of Kenyan authors.

We remain committed to providing an authoritative platform for scholarly inquiry into legal systems and analyses of contemporary cross-jurisdictional legal issues with particular emphasis on every paper making a substantive contribution to understanding some aspect of the country's legal system. 

Michael M. Murungi