About Us

About us

Organizational Profile

Legal Name: The National Council for Law Reporting

Brand Name: Kenya Law

Organization type: A semi-autonomous state corporation

Parent Institution: The Judiciary

Parent Act: The National Council for Law Reporting Act


Organizational Structure:

- Leadership & Governance – A Council of non-executive members chaired by The Chief Justice/President of the Supreme Court.

- Management - A Secretariat managed by a Chief Executive/Editor.

Status: The official publisher of the Kenya Law Reports and the Laws of Kenya.

Principal Office/Secretariat: ACK Garden Annex, 5th Floor,1st Ngong Avenue, Ngong Road.

Mandate & functions

Source of Mandate:

  • Law Reporting - The National Council for Law Reporting Act
  •  Law Revision - Legal Notice No. 29 of 2009


  • To monitor and report on the development of Kenya’s jurisprudence through the publication of the Kenya Law Reports;
  • To revise, consolidate and publish the Laws of Kenya; and
  • To undertake such other related publications and perform such other functions as may be conferred by law.


To Provide Universal Access to Kenya’s Public Legal Information by Monitoring and Reporting on the Development of Jurisprudence for the Promotion of the Rule of Law


Accessible Public Legal Information towards an Enlightened Society

Official slogan

Where Legal Information is Public Knowledge


Policy Statements

Access to information

“As a member of the Free Access to Law Movement, at Kenya Law we believe that:

· Public legal information is part of the common heritage of humanity and maximizing access to this information promotes Justice and the Rule of Law;

· Public legal information is common property and should be accessible to all;

· As an organization that has the public mandate to publish public legal information, we should not impose unfair restrictions on the use and re-use of that information by other persons.”


Creating Shared Value

Being aware of our obligation in the advancement of society, we will care for the wellbeing of one another and of the environment and we will align our processes, services and products with the attainment of positive social outcomes.


Creativity and Innovation

A creative and innovative application of progressive ideas in developing new legal knowledge and improving organizational efficiency


Quality Statement

Applying the highest professional standards in our processes, products and services, we will set the benchmarks for and share the best practices in law reporting, law revision and organizational excellence in Kenya and beyond.