Nairobi Legal Award, 2021

Kenya Law feted as Public Sector Legal Department of the Year-2021 at the Nairobi Legal Award


Being crowned “ Public Sector Legal Department of the Year” for the second time in the history of  Nairobi Legal Awards is no mean feat.  In the last 27 years, National Council for Law Reporting (Kenya Law) has reverently executed its mandate of Monitoring and Reporting on the development of Kenya’s Jurisprudence through publishing of Kenya’s Law Reports: Revising, Consolidating and Publishing the laws of Kenya and undertaking such other related assignments as may be offered by the law.

What Sets us apart
To emerge winner of the Public Sector Legal Department of the Year award, we demonstrated strategic leadership, effective implementation of human resource policies, meritorious employee relations, training and mentorship of interns, pupils and young lawyers.

We have aspired to change the landscape in access to public legal information in Africa and maintained a relentless upward trajectory. Moving beyond serving research needs of legal professionals to working towards a legally informed, empowered and participative citizenry.  From providing access to information to providing information that is understandable and usable; from having corporate social responsibility at the fringe of our planning to positioning it at the center of our work processes. We have transformed our business models to service models that have a social utility for Mwananchi.

Our official website ( )hosts over 186,000 judicial decisions from the supreme court, court of appeal and all high courts; 504 chapters of all Laws of Kenya and accompanying regulations; 2,521 County legislation; Kenya Gazette from 1901 to date; 325,000 pages of Parliamentary Committee Reports; and more than 500 multilateral treaties and agreements deposited with the Secretary General of the United Nations.

“We are honored to have won this award for the second time, having been the inaugural winners in the year 2019. It is recognition for the hard work and contribution made by Kenya Law employees under the leadership our Council and overwhelming support from our Stakeholders; for without them, this award would not have been possible.” Said Ms. Janet Munywoki, Kenya Law Acting Editor/CEO & Senior Assistant Editor.

Quality Statement
We are committed to Law Reporting and Law Revision by providing accessible, accurate and timely publication of public legal information for an informed society.
In pursuit of this commitment, we shall comply with all the applicable requirements and continually improve on   effectiveness by implementing the Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015