Kenya Law Strategic Plan 2018-2022

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Strategic plan for 2018-2022

This Strategic Plan (2018-2022) is the culmination of extensive analysis of the achievements, learnings and challenges from our previous Strategic Plan 2013-2017 as well as an internalization of the expectations from the Constitution of Kenya, the National Council for Law Reporting Act, the Sustaining Judiciary transformation framework and the OAG & DOJ strategic plan.

Kenya Law’s mandate has grown over the years to establish it from being merely a publisher of the Kenya Law Reports to being the focal point institution in the collection, management and dissemination of all species of public legal information. As a leading legal resource frontier, Kenya Law will strive to guarantee accessibility to legal information to Kenyans of all walks of life by making it available in various forms and through varied media.

Over the next five years, Kenya Law has to go over and beyond what it has achieved over the years and play an even greater role in providing access to public legal information and also play a facilitative role in the country’s development agenda. Moving forward, Kenya Law seeks to address identified challenges while at the same time putting in place measures to
guarantee accessibility to legal information to consumers.

This plan is therefore an embodiment of our collective promise to our stakeholders on the service delivery standards that they should expect from Kenya Law. The development of this strategic plan was participatory, consultative and all inclusive. It is informed by experiences and lessons learnt in implementation of the 2013-2017 strategic plan, the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats helped come up with key strategic issues that define the strategic focus for the next five years. I take this opportunity to thank all those who were involved in realizing this strategic plan.

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